Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Busy Girl

This layout is a little different than I usually do. I like it though. I had some great doggie stuff I got from BigLots. Can you tell I love my doggies?

I love this set! The necklace is awesome, the beads are kinda huge but it looks cool. The necklace only cost $1.50, bought the beads on clearance!


Shirley said...

Love your new blog header Cheryl! It's perfect and so you!

Pinky said...

Oh yea those beads are cool!! Not too bad either being so cheap!! wow!

Hey that dog Layout is pretty cute I love the layering and the frames!

just lisa said...

love that blog header - so sweet and you! Fun layouts of your doggies and love your new jewelry - can't wait to see IRL! ;-)

JoEllyn said...

Love the way you layered those pics on the top layout!! And I'm one that also loves my dogs enough to do lots o layouts of them!