Monday, October 27, 2008

Natural Beauty

Here is a challenge I just did for the DreamGirls Scrap it Pink challenge.

While Guy and I were in St Pete we saw these swans in a pond. They were so beautiful and peaceful.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Think Pink

I participated in a cyper crop this weekend. I actually wound up making about 6 or 7 layouts. I should probably think about how fast I crank them out and start slowing down. Maybe they'd come out better!

This one was for an I will survive challenge. I journaled about my OI and how it's affected my life and how awesome my husband has been to me.

This one was just for funzies. It was a bra challenge and I loved it! I am using it as a ribbon holder.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Too cute not to share

Here is a layout I did for my 12x12 of the boys from the cruise. I just love this photo of them so much. I think it is the only one with all 5 in it because we couldn't get them to sit still long enough more than once.
I really need to get back to beading. I made some jewelry for our Halloween costumes but not too much of anything else. I think once I get my mini's done for my friends I will try to divide my time a little better. A new bead store just opened a block from work so maybe that will help to get my beading mojo flowing again.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The last pictures, promise

These are the last of the mini I made. Below are pictures of Amanda drawing fake butterfly tattoos on the men. Her husband has what we like to call "a tramp stamp" that looks like a butterfly. You gotta love a girl who is willing to go so far to make fun of her man!!!

We went to Carnival Cruise's private island. Below is the sign that welcomed us there. It was absolutely beautiful.

This is me going down an 80 foot slide. We literally played on this stupid slide for 4 hours. By the end of the day we were seeing who could do the most tricks. A few of us were even banned from it for going down head first.
We had such a blast on our cruise. I can't wait to go on another one!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Cruise Pictures!?!?!

Why yes, there are TONS more pictures from our cruise. This is some more from the mini I have made. I should have it finished tomorrow. I am also making some big 12x12's for my regular scrap book.

These next 2 layouts are of us all goofing around at the beach. The first one the boys were picking up poor Amanda for a funny picture. I guess Jamie got bored and started making weird things with his tummy. I think he was trying to make it talk, I don't know.
This next one was really funny. Rosie asked us to bury her so we did. Then we thought it would be funny to lay on top of her and squish her. After that it kinda went down hill...
Here Guy, Jamie and Sean were hanging out. The boys later told me that they were having some weirdo contest to see who could make the most stupidest faces in the pictures. I am pretty sure Jamie won!
Above is me and Amanda. Below is me and Peggy at Froggers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some more cruise pictures

Here are some pictures from our cruise. This is our boat. It was Soveriegn of the Seas from Royal Carribean.
The Mustar Drill was kinda boring, I kept calling it the Mustard Drill. It made for a few good laughs! Bingo was the best! I won $500!!

While we where in the Bahamas we found a place that sold Cuban cigars. The boys all got one.

Walking down the street you get attacted by street vendors trying to sell you stuff. It was kinda neat to see all the locals and how they interacted with the tourists.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween Mini

Here is a mini I made from a great Halloween. About two years ago I was invited to 2 separate parties. We went to both and had a blast! I was so proud of my angel wings, I bought a pair from Joannes but they weren't very fancy. I sewed a pink boa to the top of the wings then sewed in some glittery pink tulle between the white tulle that was already there. It came out so good!! Guy of course was this scary thing. The mask scared Daisy so much she cried when she saw it and wouldn't come near it for a week. She finally got her revenge after Halloween when Guy left it laying around and she chewed it up.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Scrappy Halloween!

For some reason I've been scrapping all my old Halloween pictures lately. Probably b/c I know I'll have some new ones to scrap this year and I won't want to do the old ones after that. Here is a LO I did for a design team challenge at Treasured Scrapbooking. I do have to give credit to one of the design team members, Tracey. She did this fabulous stitched spider web with a spider dangling from it, it looked so cool I had to try it. I also have a very cute mini to share but I'll do that another day.

This year for Halloween we were invited to another killer party and we are going to be cave people. Mostly because I need to wear those fab white boots again. I am going to make us costumes with (hopefully) white cheetah print. It should be interesting.