Sunday, October 26, 2008

Think Pink

I participated in a cyper crop this weekend. I actually wound up making about 6 or 7 layouts. I should probably think about how fast I crank them out and start slowing down. Maybe they'd come out better!

This one was for an I will survive challenge. I journaled about my OI and how it's affected my life and how awesome my husband has been to me.

This one was just for funzies. It was a bra challenge and I loved it! I am using it as a ribbon holder.


Pinky said...

You rock as simple as that!

evafromca said...

Great layout and OMG....what a great idea to make that a ribbon holder!

just lisa said...

Love this idea - such a creative one Cheryl!!! very cute!!

Anonymous said...

Oh i love these !! Great job and Happy Halloween :)