Monday, June 30, 2008

Bead Time

I am a girly girl and one of my favorite colors is pink. I have some pink and brown shirts so I made this set to go with them.
I love this bracelet. I really like my bracelets to stand out so I have been doing a lot of dangly ones lately. This one took forever to make because I used so many seed beads and they are kinda hard to work with. I think it was worth it though.
These are the earings. They are a little longer than I usualy wear but I like them anyway. They are surprisingly light. I hate when earing pull.
Here's the necklace. I love it. I get tons of complements on it. The center piece looked kind of boring on its own so I added some little beads to hang if front of it, dress it up a bit. The picture below is what it looks like hanging, I couldn't get it to come out any clearer. Looks like it might be time to buy a new camera.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scrappy Day

I had a very busy day today. We woke up bright and early to scrub the house down for my in laws visit. They drove down to see the house and hang out for a little. While they were her I had my brother-in-laws help my hubby to move out some furniture so I was able to set up my scrapbook table. I scrapped a few layouts today.

This is one of my favorite pictures with Guy. I think I like it so much because he is actually smiling in it. He usually makes a weird smirk smile thing.

This is a picture of my Grandma, favorite cousin and myself at a wedding for another cousin. We had a blast. It's fun getting all dressed up and hanging out with family.

This picture was taken at a New Years Eve party. The very next picture is Guy hanging me upside down. So sweet.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All Dressed Up

I made this piece awhile ago but don't have many opportunities to wear it. It hangs really low and looks great against black. I like how the pearls dress it up a bit. I've noticed lately that instead of using pendants I have been making these little clusters of beads for the focal point.

Here's how it looks hanging.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Doggie Mini

I was bit by the scrap bug again this morning...since I had my bad dogs on the brain I decided to channel the frustration into a mini. The only thing I have to do is find a pix of my 2 dogs that is small enough to fit in the frame.

Pure Badness

This is my little angel. She loves to climb...apparently she thinks she is a cat. Once I caught her climbing in one of our orange trees, she broke off a branch and drug it around the yard for days. So, here she is sleeping on top of our hot tub.

She finally notices me taking pictures of her.

As I yell at her to get down she decides to make herself more comfortable and lay back down. She is nuts! But I love her. Thank god my other ones are much better behaved!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Layouts

The scrapbook bug has bitten me of late. Here are a few new ones.
This first one is a layout of my first dog ever! My mom was allergic to dogs when I was little so we never had one while I lived at the house-for some crazy reason she has like 4 now. Woody is my dog while the bad one is my husbands. I love the little picture on this layout because it is proof that he lets the dogs on the couch!

This one is of our little girl, Daisy. She is soooo bad! We got her when she was 5 weeks old and about 3 pounds. She is now over 2 years old and pushing 50 pounds! She is the lover of the two, she gives kisses and always want to be near us. She is kinda funny, she bayes at everything and she'll do it sitting down, laying down, in her kennel, sleeping...really just anytime the wind moves a blade of grass she goes nuts. I love her though!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red and Black

I love to wear red and black. For some reason I am drawn to these colors in the store. Here is one of my favorite red necklaces. I love the big pendant, it's made of some weird material, almost plastic but not. I like that it's simple and sits nicely on my neck. With all the shirts I have I should probably try to make another red and black necklace but I just love this one so much I might not wear the new one!

I love to do charm bracelets or bangles. It seems most of my bracelets of late are either charm bracelets or bangles. The only down side to the charm bracelet is they are kinda noisy but at least I don't have to take them off when I type like I do with bangles. This bracelet took a little longer to make than usual because there is so much wire involved.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My first 12x12 layout

I have ventured from my normal comfort zone and have taken on the 12x12 layout. It was a lot harder to fill up the page. Hopefully I'll get used to it. I know eventually I will feel better about leaving open spaces.
The top layout has a picture from our prom in 1998. The other picture is us at our wedding in 2003. How cute are high school sweethearts?
The next layout is of a beach trip we took. I just really like the pictures from that day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home Improvement

We have finally decided to paint our master bedroom. We moved into our house over a year ago and have painted every room but it. My husband actually painted it while I was at work. He did a great job. He painted the walls different colors for me and had it all cleaned up by the time I got home. He's so great!

I plan on lining this curtain with some

green fabric to make it stand out.

He even painted the bathroom for me. It used to be a weird green color that kinda made the walls look dirty. Now it looks so fresh and clean. I love it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finaly Finished

So I finished my friends birthday present last night. I made her a necklace and bracelet to match this shirt. I found this charm at Michaels, it suites her perfectly. I tried to make it so it hangs in the middle of her chest. The back is kind of adjustable so she can make it longer or shorter if she chooses.

I love the bracelet, I have a few in this style. I absolutely love these colors, I might try to make another one for myself. When you wear it one side looks like a single bracelet and the other side looks like a charm bracelet.

Birthday Gifts

One of my very good friends has a birthday tomorrow. I bought her a very cute shirt that I plan on making a matching necklace and bracelet for and I already made her this set of bangles.
I love these bangles. I have 3 or 4 myself. They are so colorful and go with anything. I wear them with tanks and dressy clothes. They are also pretty easy to make. I think the hardest part is trying to decide what size to make them. I hope they fit her!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun time

I love making jewelry to match new clothes. Even though I only have one shirt I can wear this with I love it.

This is the center piece I made for it. It's hard to find orange beads so I had to compromise. The bracelet is a lot of fun too. It's kind of a charm bracelet.