Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red and Black

I love to wear red and black. For some reason I am drawn to these colors in the store. Here is one of my favorite red necklaces. I love the big pendant, it's made of some weird material, almost plastic but not. I like that it's simple and sits nicely on my neck. With all the shirts I have I should probably try to make another red and black necklace but I just love this one so much I might not wear the new one!

I love to do charm bracelets or bangles. It seems most of my bracelets of late are either charm bracelets or bangles. The only down side to the charm bracelet is they are kinda noisy but at least I don't have to take them off when I type like I do with bangles. This bracelet took a little longer to make than usual because there is so much wire involved.


just lisa said...

beautiful jewelry!! Love the red and black also - always looks so pretty.
I am so glad you joined TS too!!! :-)

JoEllyn said...

I love that bracelet!! Beautiful!