Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Cruise Pictures!?!?!

Why yes, there are TONS more pictures from our cruise. This is some more from the mini I have made. I should have it finished tomorrow. I am also making some big 12x12's for my regular scrap book.

These next 2 layouts are of us all goofing around at the beach. The first one the boys were picking up poor Amanda for a funny picture. I guess Jamie got bored and started making weird things with his tummy. I think he was trying to make it talk, I don't know.
This next one was really funny. Rosie asked us to bury her so we did. Then we thought it would be funny to lay on top of her and squish her. After that it kinda went down hill...
Here Guy, Jamie and Sean were hanging out. The boys later told me that they were having some weirdo contest to see who could make the most stupidest faces in the pictures. I am pretty sure Jamie won!
Above is me and Amanda. Below is me and Peggy at Froggers.

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Pinky said...

ROFL! Those are awesome Pictures and BEAUTIFUL Pages too! Girl you are really doing some great stuff!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!~