Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to Beading

I finally got back to beading! I am so happy I made myself sit down and start working on some pieces. I made a few to give away, including a few bracelets I am going to give to my secret Valentine on TS, I'll post those latter.

I made a really pretty necklace with blue and silver that I am probably going to use as a present for someone.

I also made a cute set for a very good friend of mine. She keeps joking that I need to make her something so I decided I would :) The necklace is made to hang long and the bracelet is half pearls and half charm bracelet.


Shirley said...

Awesome jewelry Cheryl and I think maybe you have me for the TS swap?! lol!

TraceyT said...

these are just adorable!

just lisa said...

Love those!! Bring them to work so I can see them!!

Also, thank you for my BEAUTIFUL bracelet!! I love it and I am going to wear it again tomorrow.

Amanda Winchester said...

You make really pretty jewelry!

Pinky said...

Well, Here is to hoping I am your secret Valentine! LOL